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Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 11, No. 1, 2010

Expansion in Subtitling: The Case of Three English Films with Persian Subtitles
Journal of Universal Language 2010;11(1):7-27.
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Korean Interpretations of Western Business Meetings: The Language of Cultural Differences
Journal of Universal Language 2010;11(1):29-50.
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A Quantitative Study of English Verbs Conveying Falling Stock Market Situations
Journal of Universal Language 2010;11(1):51-72.
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Cultural Heritage and Translation: Rethinking Website Information of Palaces
Journal of Universal Language 2010;11(1):73-90.
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Forming Identity and Avoiding Hegemony in the Era of Globalisation
Journal of Universal Language 2010;11(1):91-113.
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Building Bridges Between Cultural Studies and Translation Studies: With Reference to the Audiovisual Field
Journal of Universal Language 2010;11(1):115-136.
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A Case Study of Intra-sentence Conjunctions in English-Chinese Legal Parallel Texts Yihe or Xinghe?
Journal of Universal Language 2010;11(1):137-154.
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