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Checklist for Authors submitting original articles

Before you submit your manuscript, please check Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts and Publication Policies to ensure that your manuscript is relevant and in the correct format.

Relevance to the JUL

- Please check with the list in Publication Policies that the subject matter of your paper actually falls within the scope of the JUL.


- Is the title clear and informative and does it reflect the aim and approach of the article?


- Is your abstract concise (approximately 200 words) but conveying as much information as possible about the content of your article?

- Does a list of 4 to 8 keywords immediately follow an abstract?


- Are abbreviations explained at first occurrence?

Figures and Tables

- Are tables numbered in Arabic numerals (e.g. Table 1) and do they include a title which makes the meaning clear without reference to the text?

- Are illustrations numbered in Arabic numerals (e.g. Figure 1) and do they include a title and a short explicit legend?


- Have you followed Guidelines for Submitting Manuscript of the JUL and contained every required element in the references?

- The accuracy of the references is the responsibility of the author.


- Please check with the list in Ethics Standards for the Institute (December 2013) and ensure that you observe the ethical obligations of authors.