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At the time of submission of a manuscript, authors must submit the following Copyright Transfer Agreement.

Manuscript entitled:              


Effective upon acceptance for publication, copyright (including all rights hereunder and the right to obtain copyright registration in the name of the journal, whether separately or as a part of a journal issue or otherwise) in the above article and any modification of it by the author(s) is hereby transferred throughout the world and for the full term and all extensions and renewals thereof to: LANGUAGE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, SEJONG UNIVERSTY

This transfer includes the right to adapt the article for use in conjunction with computer systems and programs, including reproduction or publication in machine-readable form and incorporation in retrieval systems.

A. Rights of Authors

The Language Research Institute at Sejong University recognizes the retention of the following rights by the author(s):

1. Patent and trademark rights and rights to any process or procedure described in the article.

2. The right to photocopy or make single electronic copies of the article for their own personal use, including for classroom use, or for the personal use of colleagues, provided the copies are not offered for sale and are not distributed in a systematic way outside of their employing institution (e.g., via e-mail or public fi le server). Posting of the article on a secure network (not accessible to the public) within the author’s institution is permitted. However, if a prior version of this work (normally a preprint) has been posted to an electronic public server, the author(s) agree not to update and/or replace this prior version on the server in order to make it identical in content to the final published version. Posting of the article as published to a public server can be done only with the written permission of the Language Research Institute at Sejong University.

3. The right, subsequent to publication, to use the article or any part thereof free of charge in a printed compilation of works of their own, such as collected writings or lecture notes, in a thesis, or to expand the article into book-length form for publication.

B. Copyright Notice

All copies, paper or electronic, or other use of the information must include an indication of the Language Research Institute at Sejong University copyright ownership, and a full citation of the journal source, and of Sejong University as publisher.

C. Authorship

If the article was prepared jointly with other authors, all authors must sign this Copyright Transfer Agreement. The corresponding author must inform the Language Research Institute at Sejong University of any changes in authorship.

If copyright is held by the employer, the employer or an authorized representative of the employer must sign. If the author signs, it is understood that this is with the authorization of the employer and that the employer accepts the terms of the transfer.

D. Warranties

The author(s) warrant(s) that Ethics Standards for the Institute of Language Research Institute at Sejong University has been observed and the article contains no libelous or other unlawful statements, and does not infringe on the rights of others. If excerpts from copyrighted works are included, the author(s) has/have obtained or will obtain written permission from the copyright owners and will credit the sources in the article.

E. Open Access

The Journal of Universal Language is published with open access under a Creative Commons license. The rights to the digital version of the Article granted by the Author to the Publisher shall be non-exclusive. The Author retains the non-exclusive right to publish the article in digital form, in full or in part, according to the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC license for free on any open access platform, including a personal homepage, an institutional server, or a subject repository.

Signature(s) of copyright owner(s): (ALL AUTHORS MUST SIGN.) Use additional page if necessary.

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  • Name (Signature):               (Printed)             
  • Title (if employer representative):              
  • Company or institution:              
  • Date:              

Please submit this Transfer of Copyright Agreement signed by all authors by choosing one of the following:

  • 1. Uploading a scanned file (PDF, JPEG) at the time of submission.
  • 2. Sending as an attached file by e-mail.
  • 3. Sending by fax.
  • 4. Sending by postal mail.
  • To: Language Research Institute, Sejong University
  • 209, Neungdon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea 05006
  • Fax: +82-2-3408-4302
  • E-mail:

Retain a copy of this form for your records.