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Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 3, No. 2, 2002

The Universality of Morpho-Syntax: Synthetic Compounding in French,English,Dutch and Korean
Journal of Universal Language 2002;3(2):1-30.
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Typology of Coreferential Possessive Anaphora and Neo-Gricean Pragmatics: Implications for a Newly Designed Artificial Language
Journal of Universal Language 2002;3(2):31-56.
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A Comparison of Unish Grammar with Esperanto
Journal of Universal Language 2002;3(2):57-74.
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Universals for the New Structural Level of Clause Representation
Journal of Universal Language 2002;3(2):75-111.
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Language Universals and Universal Language: The Case of the Accessibility Hierarchy in Relativization
Journal of Universal Language 2002;3(2):113-137.
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Situation Aspect as a Universal Aspect*: Implications for Artificial Languages
Journal of Universal Language 2002;3(2):139-177.
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