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Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 12, No. 1, 2011

The Grammaticalization of Demonstratives: A Comparative Analysis
Journal of Universal Language 2011;12(1):7-46.
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Standards of Textuality: Rendering English and Persian Texts Based on a Textual Model
Journal of Universal Language 2011;12(1):47-74.
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A Corpus-based Translation of Korean Financial Reports into English
Journal of Universal Language 2011;12(1):75-94.
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Working Memory Performance of Expert and Novice Interpreters
Journal of Universal Language 2011;12(1):95-110.
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Foreignized or Domesticated: Investigating Translation for Enhancing Artistic Dialogue
Journal of Universal Language 2011;12(1):111-156.
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Universalizing the Particular in Korean-to-English Translations: The Case of a Korean Short Story, ‘Memilkkot p’il muryŏp’
Journal of Universal Language 2011;12(1):157-195.
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Componential Analysis of Equivalents in Multimodal Translation: A Study of English and Persian Descriptions of Historical Objects in Iranian Museum Captions
Journal of Universal Language 2011;12(1):197-242.
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