List of Articles

Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 11, No. 2. 2010

English, German and the “Semi-Professional” International Translator: A Morphological Approach to Implied Connotative Features
J. Univ. Lang. 2010;11(2):7-46.
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Differences in the Transference of Humor and Personification in Advertisement Translation
J. Univ. Lang. 2010;11(2):47-69.
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Lexical Incongruity in Translations of American Political Speeches into Arabic: Between Presidents Bush and Obama
J. Univ. Lang. 2010;11(2):71-148.
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A Discourse Analysis Approach to the Sluicing Conundrum
J. Univ. Lang. 2010;11(2):149-177.
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The Distributivity of Collections Terms in Korean
J. Univ. Lang. 2010;11(2):179-205.
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Translating African Proper Names in Literary Texts
J. Univ. Lang. 2010;11(2):207-226.
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Shift in Controlled English Norms for Different Purposes and for Different Machine Translation Systems
J. Univ. Lang. 2010;11(2):227-254.
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