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Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 8, No. 1, 2007

A Cognitive-pragmatic Approach to Discourse Topic: A Cross-linguistic Analysis and Universal Account
Journal of Universal Language 2007;8(1):1-27.
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A Semantic Analysis of Universal and Idiosyncratic Features of Induced Motion Verbs: From the Perspective of Language Typology
Journal of Universal Language 2007;8(1):23-49.
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Phonological Readjustment and Multimodular Interaction: Evidence from Kirundi Language Games
Journal of Universal Language 2007;8(1):51-89.
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A Discourse-oriented Model for Analysing Power and Politeness in Negotiation Interaction: A Cross-linguistic Perspective
Journal of Universal Language 2007;8(1):91-127.
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Orthographic Reforms of Standard Malay Online: Towards Better Pronunciation and Construction of a Cross-language Environment
Journal of Universal Language 2007;8(1):129-159.
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