List of Articles

Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 6, No. 2. 2005

Numerals and their Position in Universal Grammar
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(2):1-37.
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Syntactic Principles and Limits in Language Usage with Reference to Pronominal Anaphors in Second Language Acquisition
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(2):39-51.
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Noun Phrases in L2 French and Haitian: Clues on the Origin of Plantation Creoles
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(2):53-84.
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The Semantics of Possession in Natural Language and Knowledge Representation
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(2):85-115.
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Desideratives and Person: Constructing a Semantic Map
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(2):117-153.
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