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Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 13, No. 2, 2012

Formal versus Functional Explanation for a Universal Theory of Syllable Structure: The Case of Vowel Epenthesis in Winnebago
Journal of Universal Language 2012;13(2):7-34.
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Issues on the Categorial Status of ‘Òun’ in Yorùbá
Journal of Universal Language 2012;13(2):35-64.
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Sound Change in Deori: A Descriptive Account
Journal of Universal Language 2012;13(2):65-89.
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Determining Compoundhood in Ígálà: From Universal to Language Specific Focus
Journal of Universal Language 2012;13(2):91-117.
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Is nP Part of Universal Grammar?
Journal of Universal Language 2012;13(2):119-144.
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