List of Articles

Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 12, No. 2. 2011

Doubling as a Sign of Morphology: A Typological Perspective
J. Univ. Lang. 2011;12(2):7-44.
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The Case of Correlatives: A Comparison between Natural and Planned Languages
J. Univ. Lang. 2011;12(2):45-79.
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Derivational Processes in Igala Numeral System: Some Universal Considerations
J. Univ. Lang. 2011;12(2):81-101.
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The Kaingang-Austronesian Relationship Hypothesis: Evidence from Kinship Terminology
J. Univ. Lang. 2011;12(2):103-126.
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Universals of Prenasalized Consonants: Phonemic or Derived, Single or Complex?
J. Univ. Lang. 2011;12(2):127-158.
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