List of Articles

Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 6, No. 1. 2005

The European Union’s Need for an International Auxiliary Language
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(1):1-28.
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Entailment-based Linking Theory and Some Implications for Universal Language
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(1):29-63.
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Topicality, Predicate Prototypes, and Conceptual Space
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(1):65-124.
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The Fall and Rise of Universals on Relativization
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(1):125-157.
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Relevance and L2 Learners’ Interpretation of Reflexive Anaphora in VP-Ellipsis: An Exploration of the Relationship between Relevance Theory and Typological Universals
J. Univ. Lang. 2005;6(1):159-194.
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