Journal of Universal Language
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Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Language: Agents in Information Architecture for Intelligent Distributed Multilingual Document Retrieval Service

Key-sun Choi1
1Korea Advanced Institution of Science and Technology

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Published Online: Jan 01, 2017


“Intelligence” is made from context-adaptable search mechanisms over domain-specific contexts in viewpoint of artificial intelligence. In this paper, “communication” between two parties is accomplished by this “intelligence”. “Understanding” states of two parties are agreed to be a basis of communication. However, the communicated contents vary with their level of understanding for the current contexts in each communication party. Each level of understanding is based on different levels of contents. Each level of contents is represented by different “language". This paper tries to explain the information architecture of contents communication. If there is a gap of knowledge level between two communication parties, their level of communication must be moved to the more deep understanding level. In other words, speakers (or authors) of contents must give more information to the hearers (or readers). If speakers cannot give more information, they may be supplied from other sources (or agents) that arc distributed in an accessible network. An example of this architecture is realized as an intelligent distributed multilingual document retrieval service.



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