List of Articles

Journal of Universal Language. Vol. 2, No. 1. 2001

The Need for “Unish”, a Universal Language and the Principles of its Development
J. Univ. Lang. 2001;2(1):3-14.
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The Landscape of Languages at the Commencement of the 21st Century
J. Univ. Lang. 2001;2(1):15-23.
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Borrowing for a Universal Language
J. Univ. Lang. 2001;2(1):24-33.
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Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Language: Agents in Information Architecture for Intelligent Distributed Multilingual Document Retrieval Service
J. Univ. Lang. 2001;2(1):34-50.
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An Agenda for Action toward a New International Language Order
J. Univ. Lang. 2001;2(1):51-60.
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Like WTO, Why not WCO?
J. Univ. Lang. 2001;2(1):61-69.
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Toward the Third Millennium: One WWL(World Wide Language) via WCO(WorId Communication Organization)
J. Univ. Lang. 2001;2(1):70-83.
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